Top 5 best parkour shoes for kids and youth 2020

“When my kids were small, they were very active. They could run around all the day long, skipping, climbing, chasing… They performed activities which adults both could imagine and could not! They did not care about the surroundings, even there was some bad experiences, I had to say that they handled their body perfectly! However, these abilities seem to be disappear along their grown up process. They started paying lots of time on watching film, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook or playing video game. They did not prefer outdoor activities anymore, they became slow and poor toughness”.
Above is a typically complain that we can easily meet today. Have you ever heart or do you see yourself inside? Anyway, let’s make a short discuss about that dilemma.
There may cause by various reasons. In my opinions, the high factor is adults start telling kids to behave in properly way when growing up. Such as kids need to play football in stadium, need to run in the park, or they are not allowed to climb trees, high places… We all day by day forgot our basic instinct, then transfer to our kids. That’s really bad tendency and we should act to change that. And I have to say, parkour is one of the best choice for us, for kids today and kids in future. Why do I say that? Before come to that article, how much do you know about parkour? I guess you knew some already, but I will summarize below to give you more insights.
Parkour is a new all-in-one sport which was developed from exercise of military – those always need skillful bodies. Parkour is a perfect choice for those who are passionate about discovering the capabilities of their body. That sport combines climbing, running, swinging, jumping, vaulting, rolling and even plyometrics, etc. These task – as I wrote above – were human being instinct. Promote kids to try parkour is effortless because once they made a first try, everything would be automatically reactivated! Kids may feel freedom, confidence, enthusiastic… because their bodies feel that! Besides, they will not feel confined due to the flexibility of space. Kids can perform anywhere: city and nature theme, small and large place, or even some special places. However, they need to be guided priory about safety, because parkour is more dangerous than what they did when was about four or five. You have to provide your kids fulfill parkour accessories such as shoes, helmet, knee and elbow pad… I will suggest you begin finding a right pair of shoe for your kids first. Whatever kids do, they always land on their feet. So that a pair of shoe which is fit, soft, comfortable, grip… is very important to prevent kids from unwanted accidents. Also it takes time to choose from brand to brand and concern about the trade-off between price and quality. So let me help you with review of 5 best parkour shoes for kids.

Product ImageProduct NameRatingPrice
Onitsuka Tiger Unisex Ultimate4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)Check Price
Feetmat Boys Parkour Shoes – Waterproof Sneaker4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)Check Price
ASICS Gel-venture 6 trainers4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)Check Price
Nike Free 5.0 (Parkour Shoes Nike)4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)Check Price
New Balance KJ7754.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)Check Price

#1. Onitsuka Tiger Unisex Ultimate 81 – Shoes for kids

Are you looking for something both fashion and effectiveness? So that Onitsuka Tiger Shoes for Kids is suggested for you.

The name Onitsuka reminds you a country which is well-known by its high quality and charmed design products. That’s Japan. The Onitsuka Tiger is one of the oldest shoe company in Japan which produce footwear for athletics. That company began with basketball shoes base on their improvements to optimum movement of basketball player on the floor. Also there was Onitsuka’s first founder Kichachiro Onitsuka’s commitment to promoting youth health through sport and since then, the Onitsuka Tiger stripes have become a symbol for premium performance in sport.

Their products were usually designed for athletics and on that flow, they created Ultimate 81 – an extremely comfortable shoe that not only brilliant appearance, but also high quality. Shoes come out with company’s well-known stripes, wide range of color combination, light weight and rubber made grippy sole. There was also applied leather and fabric material by the Japanese values of attention to detail. All together Ultimate 81 provides you an easy satisfying choice of all-in-one option.

#2. Feetmat Boys Hiking Shoes – Waterproof Sneaker

The next one – Feetmat Boys Hiking is for those prefer sneaker style with bigger form and colors.

The sole is combined between synthetic and rubber. These materials offer immense slip resistance and great shock absorption so that your kid will be protected when moving on parkour surfaces and they may feel more comfortable from their dry feet.

The upper is made from knitted durable PU material features that are sturdy and water-proof. Besides that excellent upper gives kids feet chance to “breathe”, prevent making smell even sweating. Your kids will be more confident when playing outside with out worry about sweat sock because of rain or puddles. If your place usually has rain and wet weather, Feetmat Boys Hiking Shoes will be your choice. As its name, it’s not only for parkour but also for hiking or even walking.

Finally is its definitely reasonable price for multi purpose shoes. About maximum 35 USD, you have a nice gift ever for your beloved kids! That makes me put that shoe on ranking number 2!

#3: ASICS Gel-venture 6 trainers

Asics gel-venture shoes are the best choice if you would like to train in hostile environments like the sloppy ground of rough surfaces. These shoes appear with wide range prices, strong appearance design, colorful and some user care details. For example:

– Its light weight of 11.2oz lets owner more flexible when moving, jumping and running.

– Its removable sock liner provides adjustable and custom ability to owner, they can change insole to any medical orthotics if needed.

– Rear foot GEL technology cushioning system help with the shockproof ability for smooth travel. Your kids can stay outside longer with out tired on their feet.

#4: Nike Free 5.0 (Parkour Shoes Nike)

Nike is want-to-have shoe brand all over the world because of their high quality products. Nike shoes cover from youth to adult, from elder to younger. As I see, Nike seems  never make their customer upset. Lets check with me:

– The best factor – sturdiness makes Nike brand. As you know, parkour is combined sport. Kids will move from place to place, on many kind of surfaces. Besides they may do some strong movement with out caring their footwear. So sturdiness should be concern when searching a good pair of shoe for kids.

– Excellent materials lets feet breathe during journey, no sweat at all.

– Simple but nature and charmed design, available in different colors.

– Usually available for all foot size, at the right size so perfectly fit.

– Light weight, air-breath upper.

But there was no water proof capability, that’s why I put it at 4 in line.

#5: New Balance KJ775

New Balance KJ775 is another recommended parkour shoes for youths coming with 100% gum elastic sole. As its name Balance – that shoes was investigated lots of effort on research and development to make its mission come true: balance for athletics! No matter what athletics do, no matter what topographic they move on, they can feel balance as moving on flat and stable surface. So if your kids own one, they can be protected best!

The minus of that shoe is, its sturdiness is not so good. However, kids grow up fast and about 8 months to a year is reasonable life cycle of a well functioning and cheap pair of shoe.

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