Best Parkour Gears You Must Have Reviews 2020

Top 6 Best Parkour Gears Reviews 2020

Parkour is a unique sport that developed from our daily activities such as running, jumping, rolling… From this root, it may not require any special accessories to begin. However, people can use nothing to try parkour for fun. But to go far as a sport player, people should equip some specific parkour gear in order to keep them safe.

Collect surveys from many parkour athletes, we have found that there was essential parkour gears that experts are willing to have. We have created an inventory below listed all the required gears you should have for your safe  training and also to  boost your skills!


Parkour Book

Naturally instinct and keen are advantages but knowledge is a need. Know about something and learn skills from professions are the best and shortest way to succeed in a new field. Doing parkour also means discovering your own body, you can just follow your feeling and practice step by step without any support. However, to become professional player in short time, you should search for guidance from experts to overcome strategies and tactics. Out there exist various resources like parkour film, video and book.  Concerns as a gear, parkour book is written by experts and will provide you many tips about the technique, philosophy, and culture. 

Parkour and reading don’t seem to travel together, but reading about other trainers’ perspectives and experiences can save lots of time. The books written by parkour coaches involve comprehensive valuable information that’s profitable for trainers at different levels. Whether it’s an individual trying to begin Parkour or an already specialized person, everyone can derive enjoy reading such books. I suggest the Parkour and Freerunning Handbook to you. It’s an entire guide into the world of parkour. It’s specifically made to people that are serious about this sport. You’ll be able to get that parkour books online or at Amazon. 

Parkour Gloves for Practice

The real touch will let you feel surrounding better when playing parkour. However the experts recommend that you should have some basic equipments in order to decrease pain or scratch on your hand as much as possible. Thus training time can be extend much longer. Parkour gloves are vital, especially for beginners. You may suppose covering is most important function of gloves then will get any for parkour. But to keep you safe at the very first moment, you need something like Cutters Game Day Football Glove or Silicone Grip Receiver Glove.

These above gloves were designed for hand-use-activities with well stretch and highly grip features. They can protect your hand from pain. 

Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar

Pull-up bar looks like indoor sport equipment. Why was it concerned as a parkour gear while parkour is a definitely outdoor sport? Let’s me help you find out the answer then you will see, pull-up bar is really a need.

Parkour  is a combined sport in which you will move your whole body from place to place, not just simple as running but complex as  jumping and rolling on different surfaces. That means you have to train your muscles as mush as  possible. Practicing pull-ups is the very first thing to focus on. When learning new moves, it is important to practice safely without the fear of getting injured. These multi-grip pull-up rods can help tracers practice pull-ups, muscle-ups and wide-angle pull-ups to boost cat leaps, wall climbs, and hand-grip strength. Most Pull-Up Bars are placed within the doorways so you’ll be able to perform a full upper body workout. You will be able to buy any good multi-grip pull-up bar for your home. But you have to make sure that it is strong enough to hold a minimum weight of 300 lbs. Also, it shouldn’t ruin the door frame of your house. 

Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81

People go on their feet every single day! And we all hear that buy a suitable shoe is more important than get marriage with a mate! So it’s really easy to understand and accept that shoes are the most important gear to tracers. They must concern about, because shoes can get ruined plenty sooner than normal due to strong moves on some rough surfaces. Also to keep players safe and comfortable during training, their sole should provide some key features such as high quality rubber grip sole, air breathable, lightweight and durable. Furthermore, shoes should come in fashion! One of the best shoes that adapt   all of those requirements above is Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81.

Parkour Pants

The effortless item is pant – I declare! You can choose any pant for your training. However my advice is, you should pick pants those are made of stretch material, air breathable and sturdy besides good appearance.

For women there is a good option available:  wear yoga pants. Yoga pants are slim fit, good stretchable and air breathable. However you will need a bag if having some belongings with. Otherwise cargo pants are suitable options. Enjoy the comfort inside that pant and feel free when your things such as key, phone… are safe in the pockets.

Parkour Running Bags

The really optional one – parkour bag – you may or may not have one, just depend on your need. However to keep you safe while training, you should pay a little bit of your attention searching for suitable bag. Because of having additonal item on your body will affect to the body’s  balance. So that a bag for parkour should satisfy those facts below:

– Hold tight on your back.

– Lightweight.

– Enough space for your belongings as desired.

– Sturdiness.

– May has ability to bring water with, for example a water bag.